Easy Home Remedies: Get White, Fair, Soft Hands and Feet in 7 Days

The skin of hands and feet are the most uncovered part of our body that not only manages variety of household works but also stay open to direct UV sun-rays and pollution.

Hence, it is observed that the skin of hands and feet tend to get wrinkled, cracked, and rough and discolored at the earliest.

Though various types of whitening creams are easily available in the market, it’s equally true that these cosmetic items are chemically treated which can result in side effects.

Here we will present you this home-made moisturizer contains lemons, which are rich in antioxidant and vitamin C.

These nutrients stimulate the growth of new cells, resulting in a lighter skin stone.


  • lemon juice
  • baking soda
  • Cucumber juice
  • coconut oil
  • turmeric powder.


  1. Start mixing the solid ingredients before gradually adding the liquid ones.
  2. Mix the ingredients together to make a paste. Make sure the mixture is nicely smooth.
  3. Apply the moisturizer on your hands and feet in a circular motion.
  4. Rinse it off after around 20 minutes. Do this regularly for 15 days and you’ll start noticing the difference.

Important note: Stay away from direct sunlight for some hours after applying the remedy to avoid direct exposure to harmful UV rays.

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