It is believed that the month of your birth determines some of your characteristics. If you know which month the woman you are interested is born, you can find out what kind of a person she is.

  • January

Women born in January are usually very ambitious, but sometimes too serious and conservative. They don`t like discussing their emotions with others, and are prone to criticism. They interact only with people with same or similar intellectual capacity, who share their beliefs.


  • February

February women are very romantic, but also complicated and prone to mood changes. They are very loyal so don`t think about betrayal, they`ll never forgive you. Their way of thinking can sometimes be strange for the rest of the world.


  • March

Ladies born in March are charming and charismatic. They are usually calm, but if you upset them they`ll make a big scene. They are very loyal and dedicated, making them got partners for life.


  • April

These women are very outgoing, they can easily start a conversation with anyone. But they often feel sorry for themselves so they can be very jealous. If you make them feel special and loved, they`ll do everything to make you happy.


  • May

May-born women are very persistent and persuasive, because they`re loyal to their beliefs. Most of them are very mysterious and attractive, so you can`t forget a May-lady, no matter how much time you`ve spent together.


  • June

Women born in June are very talented and creative, known for their curiosity as true explorers. They are also very open and straight, but sometimes they`ll say something aloud without thinking. Some of them can even be manipulative toward men.

  • July

July girls are very honest and beautiful, as well as mysterious and intelligent. They` re very polite and calm, so they don`t like conflicts and arguing. Don`t cheat on them, they hate it.


  • August

Being born on the hottest month, these women have a big heart but are mainly focused on themselves. They like humor, but not mockery. You can easily notice them in a crowd because they always stand out.


  • September

September-born ladies are loyal and polite, attractive and disciplined. They prefer serious relationships, not a one-night stand.


  • October

Women born in October are very emotional, but won`t show emotions in public, they`ll wait to get home to cry. They are introvert and clever, so they don`t trust people easily. You`ll notice them by their strong character and willpower.


  • November

These women calculate everything in their life, and are incredible human lie-detectors. They are very intelligent and direct, they`ll answer any question honestly, without sugarcoating.


  • December

Girls born in the last month often make rush decisions because they`re very impatient. Honest and open-minded, everybody wants them as a friend. They are very persistent and manage to get the maximum from every situation.




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