The Woman Took Her Toothbrush And Scrubbed Her Nose Until This Result Came Out

Skin issues can arrive at any age as mostly people have to deal with skin issues in their lives. Whether it is an issue of acne during puberty age or clogged pores after being adult, maintaining skin clean and free of blemishes is undoubtedly a tough task. Markets are flooded with hundreds of products that claim they can definitely help you with your particular skin issue; however they are mostly costly and not always suit for all skin types.

You will get many remedies over Internet for skin issues, but are you aware which will suit you best? However, there is a young YouTube star whose name is Alexandra; she provides an amazing good tip for keeping your pores clean.  Here what you need is three simple ingredients and a toothbrush!

Note Down what you’ll Required:

A clean, unused toothbrush

1 tbsp toothpaste

1 tbsp baking powder

Some warm water

Wash Your Face

First of all, wash your face with a mild face wash and then use a towel soaked in hot water to warm the skin areas where you have blackheads like nose, cheeks or forehead. Using hot towel will open the pores.

Prepare The Mixture

Take a bowl; add water, toothpaste and baking powder. Mix them well to make a good consistency.

Apply the Mask

Now apply the paste on the areas where you are having blackheads.

Brush it Over Affected Area

Gently brush the paste over affected area and on pores. But make sure that the brush should be clean.

Clean it off

After applying the paste, let it get mixed in skin, and wait for a minute. After a minute now you can wipe it off with a towel, but don’t do it harshly as your skin can be very sensitive in this step.

Wash Your Face

After wiping it off wait for few minutes then wash it off with warm water. And the result will surely amaze you! If you are struggling with oily skin and blackheads, then it is time to say bye- bye to these skin issues with this simple and effective trick! Must try!

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