Unbelievable: Fat Cells Disappear When You Freeze Them!

Tell me of that one person why likes walking with fat bulges around! They are unpleasant, ugly, and guilty for our thighs jiggling and clothes fitting tight (or not fitting at all!). Not even to mention that excess fat has for decades been in the focus of medical research, right because it is connected to heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes two.

In order to defeat fat accumulations, we need to understand why it is there in the first place. Generally, there are 2 types of fat cells: white and brown. If you can distinguish the ones from the others, you’re on a good way to lose weight.

White fat cells form a thin blubber layer that is easy to spot on the body. Usually, it affects the backside of our arms and tights, and while we’re all doing the impossible to reduce it, we should also keep in mind it is our body’s main thermal insulator that keeps our temperature stable.

Brown cells, on the other hand, are the ones we can’t spot, but which create heat to release energy and burn calories.

Where on the body can we find brown fat?

The reason why science has not made that much progress examining brown fat is that it appears in random locations, and has different value for each person. Most of the time, it is concentrated in the neck and shoulders, but again – there is no rule to as where it can appear. For example, it is more present in the bodies of young people, overweight people, and people with normal blood sugar levels.

Freezing causes fat cells to die – It has been proven!

Experts discussed this theory for many years, explaining why bodies exposed to overheating and indoor areas lose weight more slowly than others. According to them, there is a practice called thermogenesis, used to duplicate the volume of active brown fat cells, which would consequently accelerate our metabolism and increase insulin sensitivity. As an effect, we burn fat sooner than before.

Submitting yourself to moderate thermogenesis would mean to spend time in a room with 50-60 degrees, wearing nothing but your shorts to let brown fat be formed.

Hardcore thermogenesis, on the other hand, is performers by attaching an ice vest in the affected area (and firming it up with tight shorts), which causes the body to shiver and to lose calories.

The full theory can be found in Tim Ferriss’s book ‘The Four Hour Body’, where he speaks of boosting your body’s burning potential with a healthy diet and an aggressive ice therapy.

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