A Man Found $ 95,000 That His Wife Hid For Years. Her Reason Will Shock You!

One elderly couple that has been together for more than 5 decades had no secrets until now. When the wife asked her husband to open one shoe box from the top of the closet, he did so without peeking inside.

However, not long after his wife got sick and decided to reveal to her husband the secret of the box. He couldn’t believe what she was saying, but after coming back home and opening the box, he learned the truth – the box had two knitted dolls and a total of $95 000!

He was shocked! “Before we got married, my grandmother told me a story. She told me, whenever we dispute, I should not be angry and argue, but to sit down and weave a doll.

This will calm me down,” his wife explained. He understood – his wife was only mad to him twice during their marriage. He hugged her and asked: “But where did all the money come from?” She smiled and said: “Ah, yes. I earned the money by selling dolls.”

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