When you know what this man does with all the soaps that are left in the hotels you will not believe it

Every day, billions move from one place to another to carry out various activities. To spend the night, they stay in a hotel, where they have everything they need for it.

However, if you have used the services of a hotel ever, you will have noticed that the standard of cleanliness is very high. In all of them there is a cleaning department called “Housekeeper” that clean the room. Likewise, these people are responsible for daily change of cleaning supplies.

However, it should be noted that many times, we have only used the soap, for example, 1 or 2 times. Even so, the next day, the cleaning staff replaced them with a new one. What about these pastes of soaps and other inputs that are hardly used? That was the same question Shawn Seipler had asked himself.

One day, he was away from home and had to stay in a hotel, where he spent several days. However, he noticed that with each passing day, soap, shampoo, toilet paper and other supplies were replaced. Since he did not use them much, it seemed to him that he could still use them. But the cleaning staff changed them for new ones daily.

Decided to find out what happens to the cleaning supplies

Intrigued by that, Shawn decided to find out what was going on with those little-used products. So he asked to speak to the hotel manager, who asked the question. The manager said that these products were discarded in the trash and were not used again. As expected, Shawn was very surprised by such an answer. He thought of how many personal hygiene products were wasted on newspapers.
Outraged by the issue, Shawn decided to create a non-profit foundation called Clean The World. Its objective is to be able to help people of limited resources to obtain personal cleaning supplies. To do this, it would redirect the wasted products in the hotels to people who could continue using them.

He divorced his wife 5 years ago and still continues to give him flowers and cards for a reason worthy of imitation

Since its founding, the Clean The World Foundation has been a success around the world. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people to have what they need to maintain personal hygiene. In this way, the number of people infected by diseases related to hygiene has been reduced.
“Rome was not built in a single day,” Shawn said. “Similarly, our organization will not either. Gradually, our foundation will grow and help more and more people, “added Seipler. In addition to hygiene supplies, many hotels donate half a dollar annually for each room. With this money, it is possible to transport the supplies to the necessary zones around the world.

“Maintaining hygiene, saving lives”

“I hope the world supports my idea and helps the foundation,” Shawn said. It should be noted that, before being reused, all the inputs undergo a cleaning process. By 2016, the foundation collected about 7 million soaps, which were divided and rebuilt in 400,000. They were then distributed among poor people.
“About 4,000 children under the age of five die every year from diseases caused by poor hygiene. Diarrhea, pneumonia and others are just some of these diseases. But thanks to the foundation and its work, this amount is being reduced every year. The road is long, but we will not give up. As long as we can continue to do so, we will do it for the sake of humanity, “Shawn said.

Undoubtedly, what this man does deserves to be recognized and deserves the support of all. In Estilo con Salud we are very happy to be able to talk about people like him. What do you think of Shawn and his foundation? Let us know by your comments. If you support the idea of ​​the foundation, share this article in your social networks.

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