8 Problems That Banana Solves Better Than Pills

Banana, banana or banana, no matter what you call it, this is a delicious tropical fruit! In addition, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is one of the most consumed foods in the world and brings us multiple health benefits.

Popularly, it is believed that banana provides too many calories and is avoided when making a low calorie diet. However, moderate consumption brings multiple benefits and does not provide as many calories as is generally believed: 100 gr of banana provide 90 calories. They are more the benefits than the damages. Its bad reputation perhaps is because it is one of the fruits that less water has in its composition.

n this article, we will tell you the 8 problems that bananas solve better than the treatments with pills or with chemicals.

Benefits of Banana

If you are still not sure of adding a banana ration to your diet, we tell you what benefits bring to our health:

“It’s a source of sugars.”
-Provides minerals like potassium, iron and magnesium.
-It contains beta-carotene.
– It has a large amount of vitamins: group A, B, vitamin C and E. – It
provides fiber and carbohydrates.

Problems That Banana solves:

Regulates Blood pressure

If a person consumes too much sodium, while having very low levels of potassium, he is likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Banana is a natural source very rich in potassium that provides the right dose so that, over time, the lack of potassium is solved and the body can regulate naturally hypertension. Eating a banana at breakfast, daily, can prevent and solve this problem.

Improves Mood and Depression

After many depressed patients showed improvement in mood after consuming bananas, the scientists began to investigate. The results determined that banana contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that when it enters our body becomes serotonin. Serotonin is called “the hormone of happiness”.
If you need to raise your mood a little, consuming a banana is enough. In minutes you will feel relaxed and in a better mood.

Whiten Teeth

In this case, we will need the banana peel. Take the white inner part of the shell and rub it on your teeth, leaving no area without rubbing. In a few weeks you will notice your whiter teeth.

Relieves the Stress

The metabolic changes that our body undergoes when we are subjected to high levels of stress, significantly affect potassium levels. In this sense, consuming bananas daily gives us double benefit: on the one hand, tryptophan will help us combat fatigue and improve mood; On the other hand it gives us significant amounts of potassium.

Fight Constipation

The banana contains a dietary fiber highly recommended for digestion and to help purify the body. This fiber is called pectin and, in addition to improving digestion, promotes the removal of toxins attached to the digestive tract.
A banana a day works very well to treat constipation and, because it possesses probiotic properties, also helps the health of the digestive system as a whole, decreases flatulence and relieves bloating.

Relieves Premenstrual Symptoms

Group B vitamins will help relieve premenstrual symptoms: they reduce abdominal pain and prevent fluid retention. On the other hand, it will also improve the mood and anxiety, symptoms common during those days due to the action of hormones.

Strengthens Visual Health

The vitamin A that bananas possess is very good for strengthening the health of the eyes. The body needs daily doses of vitamin A to prevent visual problems such as night blindness.

Helps to Lose weight

The banana gives a feeling of satiety. In addition, because of its sweet taste, it is ideal to combat moments of anxiety and hunger during the realization of a diet of thinning.

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