Regardless of your age, acne can be a real nuisance to any man or woman, not only because they affect your beauty and self-image, but also because they irritate the skin and even cause pains.

 Acne are such a common problem, that they are listed by The National Institute of Health as a skin disease, although not a dangerous one. Acne are caused by the clogging of facial glands and follicles, which means their treatment should be targeted at this specific issue.

There are countless products available today, that were specifically designed to treat this skin problem. However, not all treatments will require of you to spend a lot of time, money and energy it them. The one we offer today is such a treatment and the best thing about it is that it uses one of the most common fruits you have at your home.

Curing acne with tomatoes

Did you know that you can use tomatoes to get rid of your acne and acne scars? Tomatoes contain a number of important vitamins like vitamin B6, C, K, E, and A, which are great for shrinking your skin pores and revitalizing your skin.

Furthermore, tomatoes can restore the pH balance in your skin and lead to less breakouts, and they also contain salicylic acid, an ingredient which is commonly used in store-sold cosmetic products.

How to use tomatoes

If you can’t wait to start using tomatoes, you should take a look at the following tips:

Simplicity is the mother of all treatments

The most practical solution should also be the simplest one. If you want to treat your facial skin with tomatoes, you only have to cut your tomato in half and rub it over your affected skin areas, making sure your skin soaks up the juice well. When you’re done, just wash your face with water. This is a very simple treatment that’s especially effective for smaller breakouts, and it should be used by people who don’t have much time for more demanding treatments.

Make a facial mask with tomatoes

If you’re not as pressed for time, you can try this treatment which works with both light and heavy breakouts. The first thing to do is to take a tomato, wash it and cut an “X” mark at the top. Afterwards, you need to put your tomato in warm water for one minute and then peel of its skin (you can start at the incisions). When you’re done, cut out the seeds and make a tomato paste by mashing it. Spread the paste over your face and leave it for one hour before washing it off with water. If your acnes are particularly painful, you can add some yogurt or mashed cucumbers in the mix.

Make a facial wash with tomatoes

This option is for people who can’t afford waiting an hour with tomato paste on their face. You can make your facial wash with several drops of lemon juice and a tablespoon of tomato juice. Mix it well before applying it to your affected skin areas. Leave it for five minutes before washing it off with tepid water.

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