The Simple Exercise That Will Burn 6 Times More Fat Than Jogging

For those who don’t know, backwards running is also called retro-running. So if you are fond of the same repetitive and boring exercises, this is the right thing for you. It’s an excellent way of getting cardio, fresh air and endorphins enhancement . Unlike jogging, retro running promotes creativity and will draw your attention.

According to the studies, it takes six weeks for your body to adapt so your workout schedule, making it hard at the same time to lose weight.

The effect when your gains and your loss level off is called the plateau effect. If you want to avoid the plateau effect, you would have to change your exercises , to involve some new muscles forcing your body to adapt again.

Your retro-run makes your heart rate beats faster and it also improves your cardiovascular health short term. Ten times more effective at burning calories at walking speed and six times more efficient at burning calories at a jogging pace, it means you can burn more calories for a shorter period. Running backward will have you running quickly forwards to your fitness goals.

For the regular joggers , retro running involves muscles you probably don’t exercise that much. It is known for toning and strengthening calves, shins, and quads and ideal for assisting better posture which comes with a myriad of benefits.

As previously said, retro running relieves your joints impact. While jogging, when you land on your heels, it is slapping against concrete. When doing the exercises repetitively the vibrations which shoot up to your knee with damage the joint.

With running backwards you don’t have to deal with this issue as we land on our toes which provide a gradual impact. Our weight and kinetic energy are slowly dispersed along your whole foot.

While driving a car, the sudden stop causes the passengers to be shaken, and breaks damaged. But if. slow up to a stop, passenger are unmoved and the car is left undamaged.

Additionally, retro-walking burns more calories per step. So like a car, jogging requires you to drive more miles to reach the same location.

Our routines restrain our flexibility and open mindedness which if you didn’t know are  crucial for coming up with new thoughts.

Therefore setting out a different standard of how you should work out, the retro running changes up your workout routine. You won’t anymore  see exercise as a grueling morning task. But  see it as a workout or a period where you can try things that excite you, a timeslot to implement the new physical activity.

Although weird and a bit different, retro running can be a lot of fun to do. We also perceive time as moving quicker in moments of joy, making your workout speedy and a painless task.

Running backwards may be a valuable ability to mater especially if you or your child plays football, or baseball. 2003 study has shown that motor skills and habits are best learnt with repetition.

Running backward as a cadio exercise provides the repetition to become accustomed to these movements.

Silly as it may look, retro running opens up to you new experiences and different ways in doing old things and as people watch you, they might start reconsidering what customs they follow without a question.

Running this way without eyes on the back of your head will be tricky. Try doing this on a treadmill, a running track, or on a road where there aren’t a lot of people and objects.

Using different muscles in a strange ways, without looking where are you going, might be a little tricky for your balance, therefore, take it slow and try to use well-maintained yet underused areas to avoid human-made obstacles as well as humans.

Turning your head is inevitable as bumping into things might be undesired, but don’t do it too frequently as it can cause structural problems.

Strange and fun at the same time, retro running get you to do the exercises without falling into monotony or routines. We advise you just to watch out for pedestrians.

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