Your body shape depends on the month of birth. The secret of being slim is simple

As unbelievable as it sounds numerology and the date of birth determines how a person will look like and what a body shape he will have.

To do so, you need to sum the date, month, and year of birth in order to get a single-digit number.

For instance, if your date is 12.05. 1990 you need to do the following:

1 + 2 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9.

This means that the single-digit number which determines your body shape is number 9.

Do this calculation to get a single-digit number and see which one is you individual number.

Number 1

These people hardly suffer from obesity due to the fact that their dynamic metabolism helps them have a toned and slim figure.

Number 2

These people are prone to obesity and are often on a diet. However, most of them make a crucial mistake by starving themselves and not knowing which foods to consume. Special attention should be given to fruits, vegetables, and physical activity.

Number 3

People from this group are prone to negativity. In other words, they have a pessimistic view on the world and this is important as the spiritual burden reflects on the weight.

Number 4

These people are recommended to engage in physical activities because lack of physical activity can cause hunger and cravings, which in turn leads to accumulation of fat.

Number 5

Again, the view on the world heavily affects the figure. Optimistic people are usually slim. Therefore, you need to enjoy life and prevent accumulation of fat.

Number 6

These people are considered lucky as they have a proportional body shape. Eating in moderation is sufficient to keep their nice figure.

Number 7

These people usually gain weight in cases of emotional issues, which means that maintaining a good relationship with their partner is of utmost importance.

Number 8

People from this group should learn to let things go and forgive as anger usually leads to accumulation of fat and weight gain.

Number 9

Ultimately, these people are especially prone to obesity and accumulation of fat. Therefore, eliminating the extra pounds is quite difficult for them.

Preventing accumulation of fat is very important and it should be done by the consumption of acidic fruits.

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