17 Household Items in Your Home That Have an Expiry Date

I never thought that these household items come with an expiry date. It’s hilarious because I thought they last forever. Or, as long as they rip apart.

Did you know that you need to change your pillows every two years? – Yep. They come with an expiry date of two to three years.

I’ve been using mine for approximately five years, and I don’t mind. It’s my favorite, and my head perfectly fits on it. I tried replacing it with another pillow, but it wasn’t even close to it.

Plus, I don’t lie about it too much. I use my husband as a pillow. If you know what I mean.

The pillow, and 16 other household items you have in your home that come with an expiry date. What’s more interesting, you won’t see the time on these things. That’s strange.

1. Pillows, 2 to 3 years

2. Bra, 1 to 2 years

3. Slippers, 6 months

4. Running shoes, a year

5. Sponge, 2 months, shower pouf, 6 months

6. Spices, 1 to 3 years

7. Towel, 1 to 3 years

8. Flour, 6 to 12 months

9. Toothbrush, 3 months

10. Fire extinguisher, 15 years

11. Hairbrush, a year

12. Power strips, 1 to 2 years

13. Perfume, 1 to 3 years

14. Disinfectant, 3 months

15. Pacifier, 2 to 5 weeks

16. Mosquito repellents, 2 years

17. Child car seats, 6 to 10 years

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