You must know your girl to grab her attention and than take romance to next level and know about her body as well. You  should satisfy her needs both  physical and emotional. Don’t you guys want to make her remember all the sweet moments you both share? No one has to carry the guilt that they were unable if you both are satisfied. Also, you must be aware of woman’s health.

Their lady part doesn’t stretch.

The theory is rubber band which mean they might stretch but then they come back to their original shape as well.

It take more time for arousal.

You might already know that woman don’t get turned on by simply planting a kiss on their cheeks, like men do. You must play the right moves and put in efforts, if you want her to reach the level that you do, alright?

If it’s dry, it won’t be good for her.

Before you take it in she must be aroused, so get the hint. It doesn’t immediately lead to pleasure and the moves before are quite essential.

They look different on most women.

The the shape, the smell, color, everything varies in the lady part of women. They all look different, so don’t be baffled when its a bit different from what you see in adult films.

Getting off is really a task.

In pleasuring a women penetration isn’t always successful and in the physical act of love all her body parts should be included. That’s why they say don’t take only “five minutes”.

Periods affect the size of your bossom

When women are on their periods the bosoms gets sore. During that time of the month you might not be involving in act , but even if you are making out, you must know about the change, so that you can act cautiously.

The speculation of G-spot.

Among experts it has always been a doubt if it really exists or not. It could be a biggest myth if it does not. Some researchers say if it does exist, it’s an extension of the nerves of the clitoris and others think it’s a gland related to lubrication. So, we never know!

The smell changes.

It could definitely keep changing in good or bad way. If the smell is too bad and severe, in some cases, it could be an infection. Don’t hesitate to tell her as then she could start using intimate washes to control it or visit her gyno.

Leak fluids

It doesn’t mean she is turned on, but often it suggest that her lady part is in perfect health and your partner is fit.

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