Hold Your Thumb For 5 Minutes… You Won’t Believe What Will Happen To Your Body Next!

Many of us know that a lot of nerve endings are located in our earlobes and feet. However, only a few know that our hands have lots of them as well, which allows us to do incredible things to our body!

According to reflexology studies, our hands have numerous active points that will help you to take control over your mind and body.

The Palm

Moving on to our palms. The specialists say a person’s palm is responsible for emotions and feelings. Moreover, regular palm massage is believed to prevent constipation, stress, nausea, and diarrhea.

Surya Mudra

If you experience the loss of appetite or any other problems with digestion or metabolism, this technique is going to help you.

The Thumb

Whenever you are having a headache or feel anxious, don’t go through your purse to find painkillers. First, try to softly clutch your thumb for five minutes

The Little Finger

This one is said to control a person’s self-esteem, nervousness, and stress.A 5-minute massage will help you to feel better about yourself!

The Middle Finger

Do you feel angry? Tame your rage by clutching your middle finger for 5 minutes. Studies have shown this manipulation to decrease blood pressure and calm one down.

The Ring Finger

Spend 5 minutes clutching your ring finger to make sadness or any negative emotions go away.

Pressed Palms

If you have ever taken yoga classes, then you know this position. It helps to concentrate and improves your blood circulation!

The Forefinger

Reflexologists say our forefingers control muscle pains. Moreover, clutching this finger with your other hand for several minutes may help you to take control over feelings of fear, embarrassment, and disappointment.

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