Human body is a perfect mechanism that manages to run itself and that is really fascinating. Namely, the organism controls various processes that seem to be happening independently, but still, there is established balance between all of the processes that occur within the body.

If there is certain problem, if a body function is impaired and something is not running smoothly, the organism will start sending warning signs in order to alert you that there is a disruption in the system.

Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the warning signs or simply neglect them. Medical experts explain that many people have tendency to ignore the signs and symptoms which indicate certain health issue.

If certain health condition is left untreated, further complications may occur and make severe damages to your health.

Below there is list of 10 warning signs that you should not ignore.

  1. Brittle Nails and Hair

Brittle nails and hair are clear indication that there is vitamin D deficiency and calcium deficiency in your organism. In order to solve this issue you should eat more vitamin D-rich and calcium-rich foods, including: milk, legumes, potatoes, wheat germ and whole grains.

  1. Craving for Seafood

People experience many types of food cravings and each type indicates different issue. Namely, if you have carvings for seafood the reason for that might be iodine deficiency.

  1. Craving for Sour Food

If your liver and gallbladder need supplementary stimulation, you probably will have craving for sour foods. In order to solve this issue you should eat more cranberries and lemons.

  1. Craving for Raw Food

If you constantly have craving for raw food, the reason for that probably is certain liver issue. Still, these carvings also might indicate gastritis. In such case you should satisfy your cravings and eat raw foods. Namely, raw food will relieve any cramps and soothe the stomach pain.

  1. Craving for Something Sweet

Do you have cravings for something sweet? Well, the reason for that probably is nervous exhaustion or in other words – it means you are tired. Namely, the cravings for sugar indicate that your organism needs glucose, which is a source of energy. Instead of eating some unhealthy cookie, eat dark chocolate or honey.

  1. Craving Salty Food

This maybe sounds a bit strange, but if you have cravings for foods high in salt, the reason for that probably is an inflammation or infection in your body.

  1. Dry Skin on Your Elbows

Extremely dry skin on your elbows is indication that your organism has vitamins C and A deficiency. In order to solve this issue you should eat more carrots, pumpkin, oranges and apricots. Namely, all fruits and veggies would help, but the above-mentioned four products are the most efficient ones.

  1. Dry Skin in General

If the skin all over your body is dry, the reason for that probably is lack of vitamin E in your organism. The body lotions will not solve the problem. Instead, you should consume food high in vitamin E-rich: vegetable oils, oily fish and nuts.

  1. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums as well as all problems related to your oral health indicate that you have vitamin C deficiency. You should include more fruits and veggies in your daily nutrition, particularly garlic.

  1. Leg Cramps, Poor Sleep, Irritability

The above-mentioned symptoms are clear indication that you have potassium and magnesium deficiency. By eating more leafy greens you can increase the levels of potassium in your body on a completely natural way. It is advisable to eat kale, spinach and chard. In order to increase the magnesium levels in your body you should eat more sunflower, almonds, linseed and nuts.

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