Teen Invents Bra That Can Save Millions After Mom Nearly Dies Of Breast Cancer

Julian Rois Cantu is a 13 year old boy whose mother got the breast cancer diagnosis for the second time, and this was a catastrophe for the family.

She went through this lethal illness, but with double mastectomy she managed to beat it.
He remembers:

It was diagnosed really late. She almost lost her life in this, and she lost her breast.
But, Julian was inspired with this situation, and he wanted to look for something that is going to be helpful in discovering the breast cancer early.

The little changes in the body are very hard to see, and this leads to late diagnosis and also catastrophic results.

But, this teenager, who is now 18 years old, invented ‘auto-exploration bra’ – and it can aid millions of women. It contains 200 sensors that identify even the beginning signs of breast cancer.

Women need to wear this bra for 1 hour a week. In this time, the bra sensors detect and make a mark on every important change such as texture, temperature, color and blood flow.

After that the bra sends this information on a computer via Bluetooth where the alterations will be noticed.

This idea was the foundation of his company – Higia Technologies, and he did this when he was 17 years old. The company’s goal is to hinder breast cancer and ameliorate the health using this amazing idea.

At the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards he got the top prize.

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