Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently At Home Permanently (No Waxing or Shaving)

One of the essential parts of women’s beauty is getting rid of unwanted hair from their body. This is necessary to make your skin appear flawless and beautiful. To remove hair women use various procedures and techniques like shaving, waxing, using epilators and some opt for laser hair removals.

 While all these techniques give the desired results, the hair comes back within some weeks and you wish if there was some way you could suppress the hair growth.

Today I am sharing with you a Burmese remedy which will not reduce the growth of your body hair but will remove scars and add a glow to your skin. So girls puts your worries aside and scroll over to find an amazing remedy:


For this remedy, first remove hair from your body from the root with through your regular hair removal technique like waxing or epilator. Now your skin ready for the remedy. For this you will need two ingredients – thanaka powder and kusumba oil.


Mix thanaka powder and kusumba oil and make thick paste.

• Apply the paste on the skin from you have already removed your hair.

• Rub in the paste and leave it on your skin for 3-4 hours.

As the paste starts getting dried out, apply little kusumba oil over it.

• After 3-4 hours, wash off the paste with lukewarm water.

• Continue this remedy as long as you want to.

• This remedy is a natural process and will add a glow to your skin.

Additional Tips

For best results, it is advised to leave the paste overnight.

• Thanaka powder is good for skin as it helps to removes blemishes, acne scars, darks spots.

• It also helps to remove sun tan and gives a healthy shine to the skin.

Watch the video here

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