After Reading This, You’ll Never Refreeze These 6 Foods Again

Freezing your food can be a useful method in so many ways. By freezing your food you don’t have to worry about what you are going to have for lunch tomorrow, or even you can take your frozen leftovers to go.

The freezer is often associated with storeroom where people keep their food, and the bright side of that is that you always have food and you dodge the unnecessary trips to the market.

Notwithstanding the fact that freezing your food is very convenient, it is also good to know the downsides of frozen food and why It is a great idea. When you freeze food, you bring down the quality of the food.

Freezing meat, for example, can affect the freshness and taste of the meal and damage the cell walls. Here are six products that you should never refreeze.

6 Foods You Should Never Put Back in Freezer

1. Fruit Juice

You should never freeze fruit juices, especially concentrates. Once referred, it’s hard for the juice to restore to its original state and loses its quality at the same time.

2. Ice Cream

You might find this shocking, but refreezing ice-cream is not a good idea. As a dairy product, the ice-cream can spoil as soon as it melts. In addition to this If you notice changes in texture or flavors, that means that it’s place is now to the garbage.

3. Raw Meat

Once you unfreeze the meat, you should never refreeze it again. By doing so, the meat changes its color, begins to smell bad, and becomes unsafe to eat. This can also imply to poultry and seafood.

4. Smoothies

Smoothies are best consumed immediately after making them. Smoothies often contain milk, so defrosting the once frozen smoothie can make it lumpy.

5. Salads

If you want your salad to be crispy green, the first role is not to Freeze It.For example, If you use lettuce, by freezing it will become tasteless, soft and limp.

6. Cooked Meat

Not only the raw meats, but you also don’t have to refreeze cooked meats as well.  Upon defrosting it for the second time, the proteins can go bad. And why would you like to eat bad meat?

If you need to refreeze your food, at least always check if there are ice crystals. Also, make a good decision about what you should or should not refreeze.

For example, you should not refreeze foods like turkey even if It has ice crystal, for the reason that they can be warm inside. If you refreeze raw meat keep in mind that it needs to be cold. Prepare it under 40F, and after that, you can put it back to the fridge.

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