Morgan Mikenes shocked with the Instagram pictures that show her pubescent body parts. Thus, she said, wanted to highlight the natural beauty.

Fitness bloggers have the power to influence their behavior in the thousands and thousands of girls worldwide. They inspire others to accept your body and, most importantly, to love it. So on a brutally honest photo of one of them, we found out how looks like a woman’s body during menstruation, which many girls shy of. Something similar has done and Morgan Mikenes.

This fan of fitness has admitted that as an 11-year-old was teased at school because of hairy legs, which is why she was crying for days. Since then she is waxing for years, finally in early 2016 decided to once and for all break with the razor.

– There are several reasons why I decided so, as I needed too much time. Too long it has lasted: showering, shaving and foremost, wash your hair, wash the body … Simply, one day I said that I will not do that. When the hairs grew, I realized that it is actually very pleasant, quite soft. When you shave the hairs are short and stinging, so it is another reason why I do not shave anymore. I do not want everyone in the world ceased to shave their armpits and legs. I just want to inspire others, it’s important what is pleasant for you – said via a video on YouTube.

For a time he worked even in kindergarten, when children and children, were brutally honest and often told her that “looks like a man.”

She send a message to her Instagram followers that everybody should accept and love their own body with all the faults because they make us just as we are.

Not only were the children more than honest than they should, but also people often send her a message in the comments that it is “disgusting”.

There is only one certain thing that can be concluded from her story, and that is that everyone has the right to do with their body what he wants. But still I have to ask you, dear girls – whether you would forget about the razor for a year?

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