She Lost 243 kg, And Now She’s On Her Way To Become Anorexic!

This article brings the remarkable story of a woman who lost 243 kg! As unbelievable and amazing it sounds, there is a dark side of the story. The woman is actually on her way to become anorexic! From extremely obese, this woman now weighs only 75 g. The problem is that she stills considers herself obese and s on her way to become anorexic.

Christina Phillips is a 25-year-old woman who lost 243 kg and lives in fear of gaining her weight again. As she herself explains, every time she notices a few extra pounds on the scale, she refuses to eat for a few days.  She still considers herself obese and sees herself as the girl with 318 kg she used to be, which makes her less self-confident and unable to leave the house.

She also suffers from dysmorphia, which is a condition in which she sees herself much larger than she actually is. Many people suffer from eating disorders after gastric bypass surgeries, which eventually leads to anemia, ulcers, and suicidal thoughts.

“When I look in the mirror, I don’t see what everyone else sees,” Christina explains.

During the regular check-up with her doctor, Christina admitted that she takes only 400 calories on a daily basis.

“That is far below what you should be getting. You should double that at least. You’re going from one extreme to the other. They’re both unhealthy,” Dr. Nowzaradan says.

She also added that Christina`s collar bone showed that she lacks body fat and consequently, she was sent to a therapist.  She got her excess skin on her arms and legs removed, which helped her gain much self-confidence.

“I’ve been working to be OK with who I am, and I’m really grateful I can do normal things … I’ve been  learning that the number doesn’t matter as much, and the priority is that I need to be healthy,” she added.

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