This powerful image is creation or better said combination of several images that were placed together. Only one glance at this image can show your personality traits and the way you think. This picture can reveal a lot about you.

Take a look at the picture and before you start with studying the image you should not sneaking a peek at the answers.

Answer the following questions:

  • Which animal appeared first?
  • How many and which animals did you noticed?
  • How much time did you need to identify the other animals?

Personality Traits

As it is mentioned above, the animals you found on this image offer interesting insight into your personality traits.

In the past, many cultures knew that animal choices can say a lot about someone’s personality, but now scientific studies prove it. Scientists came to conclusion that there is a great difference in people that prefer different animals.

Which animal or animals did you noticed first?
The Bird

If bird was the first animal that appeared to you, it is most likely that you have very expressive personality and you are very outgoing person.
The Crab

Individuals who saw the crab first are much happier than others and they have great sense of humor.
The Bird & The Crab

Those people who saw both of these animals at the same time are very emotional.
The Horse

Independent and free-spirited people will notice the horse that jumps out.

The Dolphin

People who are creative and artistic will notice the dolphin.

The Ducklings

These birds are really hard to see and they are reserved for people who are focused and quiet.

The Bear

Individuals who saw the bear first are natural born leaders and they have incredibly strong personality.

The Puppy 

People who saw the puppy first are kind and nurturing persons. Their conscious side of the brain is too slow in compression with the subconscious part of their mind.

Scientists explain that this is the way you can reveal yourself and know yourself better. This is an example of convergent thinking. Many experts explain that convergent thinking is ability of the brain to naturally limit the choices it can think of. It is important to mention that this way to thinking relies on instinct and preferences and that makes the first item you see the one that feels most natural to you.

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