After Reading This, You’ll Never Put Toilet Paper On A Toilet Seat Again

We all know that public bathrooms are extremely dirty and smell really bad. This is because many people use it and they all sit on the toilet seat to meet their needs. I know for a fact that many people tend to put some toilet paper on the seat in order to create a barrier between body and all the nasty bacteria.

This may surprise you, but it’s not the right solution and it’s not safe at all. Infection specialists claim that covering the toilet seat with a layer of paper may increase your risk of coming into contact with bacteria.

As you can see, forget about putting toilet paper to protect yourself. Modern toilets are desinged to prevent bacterial and intestinal diseases that public toilets have.

According to many scientists, gastrointestinal or sexually trasmitted infections are not spread through toilet seat-skin contact since the skin on our butts is an effective protection against bacteria.

“Toilet seats are not a vehicle for the transmission of any infectious agents you won’t catch anything,” William Schaffner, professor and infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told the Huffington Post.

Another great idea why we should  rethink placing toilet paper on the toilet seat is because paper is an ideal carrier for all kinds of bacteria. For instance, you place paper on the toilet sit, pick it up when you are done and then you can touch your face unconsciously, which means that you are exposing yourself to more bacteria.

Another big problem with toilets is the handle which is used by people who have just complited their “buisness”, making it a breeding ground for bacteria.

Moreover, people also forget to close the lid when they flush the toilet, which also spreads bacteria around the bathroom.

According to many studies, electric hand dryers also spread bacteria. They spread germs up to six feet (1.8 m).

Now when you know all disgusting things that happen in public bathrooms, what you can do to prevent the spreading of bacteria? Make sure to wash your hands properly. The researchers claim that this can reduce the risk of stomach diseases by about 50 percent.


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