There comes a time in everyone’s life when a vacation ends up seeming more like a necessity than a privilege, Where regardless of what anyone else tells you that nagging feeling that you need to get away persists.

Eventually you plan something out and begin acting on it, but what do you do when the vacation meant to ease your mind turns into one of the worst nightmares you could have ever expected? One young couple was staying at a hotel out in Zimbabwe when the mood began to strike. They took off all their clothes and hopped into the hotel pool for a little nighttime fun, only to discover that night wouldn’t be fun at all.


As the couple continue to enjoy themselves a young Nile Crocodile can be seen on the left stalking up to the pool. Normally these animals would do their best to steer clear of locations with this much human activity, but the drought mixed with overfishing has caused them to look outside of their natural habitat. The young man immediately jumps out of the pool, leaving his nude girlfriend in the water with the croc. Luckily there was a bystander close by who was watching the whole scenario take place, that guy actually runs up to chase the hungry predator away from the young woman!

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