Crime is everywhere around us and unfortunately we can’t do anything  to change that. However, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself at your own home or when you are walking on the streets. Here are 10 advice you should know.

-According to Tae Kwon Do practitioners, your elbows are the strongest points on your body. So if you ever get attacked by someone you can hit them really hard with your elbow in case the attacker is close to you.

-If you are being robbed, just toss your purse or wallet away instead of handing them to the robber. This gives you a chance to run away since the robber is not really interested in you but in your money.

-In case you get locked in a car trunk, kick the back-tail lights out. This will give you an open space to put your arm out and wave for help.

-Most women spend time in their cars after shopping, work or eating, to make lists, check the phone etc. This is a big mistake since you create a perfect situation for the attacker to open the door and do whatever he wants to do. Keep in mind that when you are sitting in your car you should always lock your doors. If you forget to lock the doors and the attacker has a gun pointed at you and tells you to drive, don’t follow his directions. What you should do is to wreck the car into something. You will be fine when the Air Bag opens, and if the attacker is in the back seat he could get seriously hurt. After the crash, leave your car and run as fast as you can.

-Parking lots are especially dangerous. To protect yourself when in a parking lot, follow these tips:

-Pay attention to everything around you as well as the back seat, passenger side floor etc.

-If a van is parked next to your car, enter from the passenger side. Serial killers very often attack women while they are entering their car and they pull them in their vans.

-If you notice someone suspicious standing next to the car parked on the driver’s side, try to find someone to keep you company while you enter your car.

-Always choose elevators over stairs as stairs are places where many crimes happen especially during the night.

-If you have a gun pointed at you but you feel that the attacker does not have much control, run away in a zig zag pattern. There is a 4% chance to get shot while you are running. Even if he does shoot you the chances of a life threatening wound are very low.

-Ted Bundy is a famous serial killer who took advantage of the women who were trying to help him while he pretended to be unable to get into his car. Many women will feel sympathy for someone which could be dangerous for their life.

-Never, ever let anyone in your house during the night. There were cases where serial killers used a baby’s cry recording to get women to open their doors. However, this is not the only thing that attackers could do to get you to open your door.

-Attackers try to get people to open their doors by turning on the outside taps so that you would thing that a pipe bursted. Never go out to check it out all by yourself.

Share these tips with everyone you love as it could have their life someday. There are many dangerous people and you can never know what they are capable to do just to get what they want.

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