Sadly, today’s world is everything but safe. It’s the world where people can stole from you not only through your pockets but it can be done via the internet. Online fraud and hacking have grown widespread in the past years, exposing all of us to the “bad hack guys” whenever they figure out the way to hack our bank accounts.

Getting your identity stolen is stressful and scary enough, but did you know that ATM thieves can steal your PIN and account number using remote devices. This occurrence is progressing dramatically. Often done by sophisticated crime rings, ATM skimming is becoming a high-tech art that’s hard to detect.

That’s bad news for consumers.

This can happen everywhere, whether you are paying in a grocery shop, a pharmacy or at the gas station, a place where you use your anywhere with a credit card. Jet propulsion laboratory engineer Mark Rober describes this new threat, and additionally explains us how to protect ourselves from being robbed.

Typically, ATM thieves use two devices to capture your PIN and card data. One device sits near where you swipe your card and reads the magnetic stripe on your card with your account number. Even more confusing, the device mimics the card slot. “The technology has evolved to a point where the molded plastic fits like it belongs there,” says Siciliano. Devices are even readily available over the Internet for as little as $300.

A camera, hidden from view, captures the PIN. “You can get the data in real time,” says Siciliano. “You can be in your car with a laptop remotely accessing the device.”

It is all done when you enter the pin more precisely when your fingers tap the buttons on a keypad, they leave behind a warm sign (the warmth of your skin on the cool plastic.) So you won’t see it, you won’t notice it, but the thief will.

Developing such technology is much easier to reveal your code and steal directly from your account.

The question is how can thieves get these cameras into stores without the staff noticing? These infrared cameras now come in a tiny compact design so that they suit right over your iPhone like a phone case.

Don’t worry, there is a way to prevent this from happening to you!

In order to be safe, you must watch this video and get informed about how to prevent it from happening to you and you close ones!
Check it out:

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