Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is very important for maintaining good health and having an insomnia does not indicate anything good. Do you wake up during the night? Is this a common habit? See what this waking up in the middle of the night actually means.

When you’re trying to fall asleep

If you have trouble falling asleep at night or when you are simply resting, then you should know that in most of the cases this is due to the high level of adrenaline. Adrenaline is a human hormone that sometimes can help your body and sometimes not. When you are trying to fall asleep you are probably thinking about something that will happen or thinking about your problems.

Between 11 pm and 1 am at night

Your gall bladder produces fluid, which is necessary for digestion and absorption. This liquid is important for the body, but if you wake up at night at this time, then there is something wrong with your gallbladder. Traditional Chinese medicine connects the gallbladder with anxiety and resentments, which is the reason why you wake up at this time.

Between 1 am and 3 am

During this period, the body cleanses the organism and blood of harmful substances that have accumulated during the day. The most important organ for this process is the liver. You can wake up this time of the night if you were drinking alcohol or caffeine. What you need to do is drink plenty of water and eat healthy food. However, this can also mean that you are emotionally torn. In such cases it is best to get rid of worries and negative feelings.

Between 3 am and 5 am

During this period, blood and oxygen are pumped into the muscles and the cells are filled with oxygen. The lungs are the main organ in this process. Chinese medicine also connects the lungs with the sense of sadness and loss. It can also mean that you do not have the necessary dose of emotional support that you need from your partner or the ones you love.

Between 5 am and 7 am

Same as the liver, the colon is a very important organ for cleansing your body and preventing the absorption of undesirable food. If you wake up at this time and you need to go to the bathroom, then this means that something is wrong with your intestines. On the psychological level, it may mean that you still hold something that you should let pass.

Between 7 am and 11 am

The stomach and the spleen send signals that you are awake even while you sleep and this is why sometimes you feel some discomfort. A significant drop of energy, feelings of anxiety or any other feeling of discomfort during the day may be associated with the body and emotions. On the other hand, perhaps it is only a natural sign for food and it means it is time for your breakfast.

Between 11 am and 3 pm

According to Chinese tradition, mid-day or early afternoon are related to the heart and small intestine, which are dealing with communication and connections. If you feel uncomfortable in this period, you should consider consuming nutritious snacks or chatting with your friends, because this will lift your spirit.

Between 3 pm and 7 pm

As we approach the afternoon and the evening, every single one of us, draws conclusions about the entire day and all the events that happened that day. Feeling tired in this period means that you are not happy with yourselves and you need to think about what you ate and did throughout the day. Remember the bladder and kidneys are the organs on which you need to pay most attention and take good care of them.

You are constantly wakening up

If you are waking several days in the same time in the night, then you need to think and remember what you did the previous days. Diets, certain habits, stress and relationships can have a big impact on your body clock and the whole organism.

Arrange your dream

You just have to think what lead to the appearance of the problem and start working on its solution, because this is the best way to help yourself and have a healthy sleep again.

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