What Does Your Birth Month Say About You?

The month you were born in can help you understand your overall behavior, your thoughts and feelings about life, and how other people see you. The following descriptions come from the study of astrology, basing the character marks on the alignment and placement of the stars during your birth month.


People born in January are usually stubborn and don’t want to be told what to do. They are strong- willed and  have a huge urge to succeed. They are great leaders and naturals in their ability to teach other people. Their work ethic is on high level and they are always outspoken.


These people are known for their loyalty and honesty. They love travelling and adventures and this is what makes them excited and alive. They are also very creative and they enjoy working on new and exciting projects.


If you were born in March you are probably a quiet and introvert person. People who were born in March are highly imaginative and creative persons who love arts and enjoy being alone. They enjoy spending time in quiet and peaceful environments rather than being in a crowded and noisy places. They have gentle and kind attitude towards other people and are great in hiding their privacy.


People born in April love attention especially when they attract public attention. They don’t like taking orders and like to do things in their own way. These people are always looking for new adventurous experiences and love the adrenalin rush. Most of the time they are being loud and they don’t think before they tell something, or expressing their feelings to others. They live their life to the maximum and they go with the flow.


They are really sociable and don’t want to spend time alone- they love to be active and they are usually very changeable. One day they want one thing and the next day it is a totally different story. They are good in expressing their feelings and love talking about every part of their lives. New and different types of entertainment is what they are constantly looking since they are bored easily.


If you were born in June you are probably shy, sensitive and soft-spoken person. Don’t worry because people love that about you ! You like caring about other people and help them. However, people born in June also don’t express their feelings too well and they always keep things to themselves. They are creative and always thinking about the future and how can they make their ideas happen.


People born in this month are very similar to those born in June. However, they are more easy-going and extroverted. Even if they feel like they are the happiest they might hide their pain from the others. They are energetic and want to experience new adventures. They are always a great company for other people.


They don’t want to express their emotions, but they have big hearts. Sometimes they can get little bossy and that is why they are great leaders. They are great in careers that ask for a lot of analysis and critical thinking. Very often they get locked inside their methodical way of life and see life in  a logical way.


If your month is September you are probably a perfectionist and have high ideals. You get disappointed very easily because you always have high expectations of others. Sometimes you might get too stubborn, but you are a very sensual, humble and creative person.


People born in October usually have active social life and their friends mean them the most. They love hanging out with people and they are very talkative and charming. They don’t want confrontation and avoid it when they get in that kind of situation. Their positive way of life and their balance to everything they do are also some of their character traits.


Secrecy and hiding feelings is something that is connected with people born in November. They have a stubborn and emotional approach to life and won’t let anything stop them from doing something they want. They don’t have any fears and don’t think of the consequences. They also don’t like being told what to do.


People born in December are very humble and courageous people. They like to be on the go and don’t like when they have to stay in one place for too long. They are also very entertaining and feisty, but their pride is something that can get in their way.

Source: goodhealthtalk.com

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